Ways you can help Ukrainian artists
We are ArtCraft Education — the biggest CG school in Ukraine.
Our goal is to cultivate highly skilled professionals, produce inspiring and educational content, and raise awareness of Ukrainian talents globally.
Hey there!
a lot of artists have lost their jobs, income, homes, and equipment and were forced to flee the country.
Many had to limit their growth and learning, postponing their creative dreams for the distant future. We aim to help them return to creating digital content.
Due to the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine,
As for us, we provide Ukrainians with free access to all CGCUP workshops and we are designing a free educational platform where all Ukrainians can take one or more of 27 training programs ( on 2D / 3D / VFX / Animation for FREE, and where we will share useful content collected from artists worldwide.

In February, we granted access to the first 300 students; in the upcoming months, we'll add 1000 more participants. By the end of the year, the platform will be available for all Ukrainians!
On this page,
you can find ways to help our creative community, regardless of whether you are a company representative, a studio member, or an independent artist.
You can share your knowledge, prepare workshops, provide feedback, offer financial assistance, or spread the word about our initiative among your friends.
We believe that together we can make
the CG community even more professional and strong.
Support options if youre an independent artist
Please email us if you have anything to offer at:
Join our community at link
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Provide useful content
If you are a 2D artist, 3D artist, animator, UX designer, developer, photographer, copywriter, or have a similar digital profession, you can share your author's educational materials with Ukrainians.

They may include courses, workshops, tutorials, speedpaints, checklists, etc. Text, video, or audio format will all work.
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Give a masterclass
It's essential for artists to constantly learn and develop their skills. Prepare a free online workshop for a vast audience or make a personal portfolio review or feedback session. Besides, it would be a great idea to create lessons on topics of your expertise to share with others.
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Make an impact on
the Ukrainian artists' community
Many talented people in our community need mentorship and advice. Join us and help Ukrainians gain knowledge by providing feedback, sharing approaches, or becoming someone's mentor.

Share job opportunities and life hacks, and send digital materials, such as brushes, plugins, scripts, presets, etc.
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Share information about us with as many people as possible
It's essential for artists to constantly learn and develop their skills. Prepare a free online workshop for a vast audience or make a personal portfolio review or feedback session. Besides, it would be a great idea to create lessons on topics of your expertise to share with others.
Please send your offers to our email:
The most popular materials will be localized and dubbed in the Ukrainian language.
We will offer free access to these materials for all Ukrainians.
If you are a representative of a company or studio
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Create or provide ready-made educational content
Record a free course for Ukrainian artists from your professionals, who can give feedback sessions to students in the future. Another option is to arrange a workshop on a topic of your choice, share recruiting and HR materials, describe the job requirements and typical tasks at global studios, and so on. We in Ukraine will be delighted to learn from the experience and knowledge of our international partners to enhance our skills.
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Host useful events
Organize a mentorship or a boot camp for senior/lead artists from Ukraine in collaboration with us. It will enable them to prepare for further employment, share their experience and provide recommendations.
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Share updates on job requirements
We aim to train highly qualified professionals for the global and Ukrainian markets. And we need your support in this. Share your requirements for specialists and the quality of the artwork, along with your guidelines, so we can tailor our training programs and prepare the most skilled artists.
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We provide free courses with feedback and graduation projects, create workshops, localize content, maintain servers, and constantly explore new ways to develop the Ukrainian CG community. We would appreciate your financial contribution to our company's further operation.
Please send your ideas to address
Please send your suggestions to address
Please reach us at address
At the moment, we deliver our educational programs free of charge to Ukrainians, but we are eager to do more. Please help us grow professionals the whole world will know about!
Any help that international artists or companies can provide is priceless for Ukraine and our artists. Please send your offers and requests to the address
We'll make sure the world and Ukrainians know who is giving us a hand. And we will spread the word about our partnership on platforms, social media, in chats, and anywhere else we can. We appreciate every offer.
Need help finding the right option? Drop us a line!
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If you are a representative of a school
Share your courses and educational materials, which we will distribute to Ukrainians absolutely free but limit access at the server level for other countries. Or we can make lists of Ukrainians who would like to take your courses and pass them to you so you could grant them access for free.
Please send your suggestions to address